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Actorise 40 mcg Uses:
Darbepoetin alpha is used to treat anemia (low hemoglobin and or reduced red blood cell count) associated with chronic kidney failure (inability for produce adequate urine) in adults and children, and symptomatic anemia in adult cancer patients receiving chemotherapy.

How Actorise 40 mcg works:
Darbepoetin alfa belongs to a class of haematological agents called erythropoeisis stimulating agents (ESAs). It is a synthetic form of a human hormone (erythropoietin) produced by recombinant DNA technology, which increases the red blood cell production thereby helping in relieving the symptoms.

Common side effects of Actorise 40 mcg:
Rash, Cough, Shortness of breath, Fatigue, Altered heart rate, Hoarseness of voice, Increased blood pressure, Injection site bruise, Injection site irritation, Itching, Skin redness, Stomach pain, Wheezing

You should not take Actorise 40 mcg if you are allergic to epoetin alfa, darbepoetin alfa, or if you are suffering from: – Allergic reactions to albumin; – Allergic reactions to animal products; – High blood pressure; Before you start taking Actorise 40 mcg injection, you must inform your physician if you are suffering from:
A clotting or a blood cell, for example hemophilia or sickle cell anemia; – A history of heart attack, stroke, or blood clots; – Cancer; – Heart disorder, high blood pressure or congestive heart failure; – Kidney disease; – Seizure disorders (such as epilepsy);
If you are suffering from any of the conditions that have been mentioned here, you might not be allowed to take Actorise, you should take a lower dose of Actorise. Darbepoetin alfa (the human made protein) is made from plasma (human plasma); therefore it could contain infectious agents such as viruses that may lead to certain diseases. Although the human plasma that has been donated is tested, screened, and treated in order to reduce this risk, a small possibility that you could contact such an illness still remains. Ask your physician for further information.
Actorise 40 mcg price is a category C FDA pregnancy drug. This means that taking Actorise during pregnancy could cause harm to the growing fetus. If you are pregnant, or if you are planning to be so soon, you should not start a treatment with Actorise. It has not been determined whether Actorise’s components can pass into breast milk. However, if you are currently nursing a child, you must not start taking Actorise 40 mcg online without your doctor’s approval. You ought to take all the necessary precautions that your doctor tells you to. Actorise 40 mcg is known to increase the risk of developing circulation or other life threatening disorders (this includes stroke, heart attack). This risk is higher if you are following a long term treatment with Actorise 40 mcg tablets. If you are experiencing any circulation or heart problems symptoms (such as heavy feeling, chest pain, pain that spreads to the shoulder or to the arm, breath shortness, slurred speech, or balance or vision problems) you should seek immediate medical care.
Inform your physician if you feel light-headed, weak, pale or short of breath, because this could be a sign that your organism no longer responds to your treatment with Actorise.

Intake Guidelines:
Ask your doctor how and when you should take Actorise in order to get the best results from your treatment. You must not disobey any of the instructions that your doctor has given you. If you fail to understand any of them, you should address a pharmacist, a doctor or a nurse. Actorise should be taken in with food or milk in order to prevent stomach upset. You ought to store Actorise away from heat and moisture (preferably in the refrigerator). You must not allow the medicine to freeze.
Actorise 40 mcg price is administered as an injection. You must not shake the drug’s bottle (vial), because you may ruin the drug. You must not draw Actorise into a syringe until you feel ready to have the injection.

Ask your physician to tell you the dose of Actorise that works best for you. You must not take extra doses of Actorise without your doctor’s consent.

If you suspect that you could be suffering from an overdose with Actorise 40 mcg, you are probably in need of medical attention as soon as possible. Contact your local poison control center immediately. Alert your personal doctor as soon as you can. In case of Actorise overdose you might experience some of the following symptoms: dizziness, headache, itching, upper stomach fullness, face redness, vision problems, shortness of breath, etc.

Missed Dose:
In order to get the best results from you treatment with dose Actorise 40 mcg, you should to take Actorise on a regular basis. If you happen to forget to take one of your doses of Actorise, you must ask your physician for further instructions.

Ask your physician if you may take any other drugs during your treatment with Actorise 40 mcg.

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