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Renodapt S 360mg Tablets is a major immuno suppressive agent which used to prevent from rejecting organ transplantation. The active moiety of Renodapt S 360mg tablets is Mycophenolate. Mycophenolate belongs to the class of drug called immunosuppressant. Immune system is responsible to fight the body against different disease. It shows is mechanism by inhibiting DNA synthesis in immune cells and prevent the rejection of organ at the time of transplantation.

Uses of Renodapt-S Tablet

Renodapt-S 360mg Tablet use for prevention of organ rejection in transplant patients.

Contraindications of Renodapt S 360mg Tablets

  • Renodapt S 360mg tablets are contraindicated in hypersensitivity reaction.
  • Renodapt S 360mg tablet is not consumed by patient who has problem with polysorbate 80.
    • It should not take if you are allergic to this drug.

Drug Interactions of Renodapt S 360mg Tablets

Renodapt S 360mg tablets should not be consumed with following drugs:

  • This medicine should not be taken with antibiotic.
  • It is not used with antacid and cyclosporin.
  • It should not be consumed with live vaccine.
  • It should not consume with Azathriopine because both the drug suppress immune system.

How To Take Renodapt S 360mg Tablets?

Take Renodapt 360mg tablet work with a glass of water four times in a day. You can take the medicine with or without food.

What happen if you miss the dose?

If we miss the dose, we should take the dose as soon as possible. Beware do not take double dose.

What happen if you take an over dose?

If you see the over dose symptoms of this drug then immediately call a doctor or take a medical help from poison control.

Renodapt-S Tablet side effects

Renodapt-S Tablet side effects is Nausea, Vomiting, Diarrhoea, Abdominal pain, Headache, Increased blood pressure, Decreased white blood cell count (neutrophils).


Store Renodapt S 360mg tablet in an air tight container at room temperature (25ºC). Keep away from the excess of heat and moisture. Do not freeze the drug.

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